Rich Cowley - The Antidote for the Ordinary!

For most of his life, magician Rich Cowley has avoided the ordinary.

Decades ago (back in his youth in Pennsylvania), Rich became fascinated with magic, and started learning and developing his skills, just like a lot of other budding magicians. After a few years of performing at the typical birthday parties and "Amateur Nights" though, Rich decided that the normal approach that other guys took just wasn't working for him; he just couldn't connect to his audiences as intensely as he wanted to…  

Later on, Rich saw some guitar players gather a crowd of strangers together on a city sidewalk just by playing music. Rich "put two and two together" and realized that he could combine his magic with his passion for personal interaction out on the streets. He found his niche in Philadelphia, where he soon became one of the longest-running street shows in the country!

In his years performing on the streets, Rich still separated himself from the ordinary magician; he quickly learned to excel at developing rapport with people from all walks of life. His ability to custom-fit his magic to his audience (usually at a moment's notice) distinguished him from many other performers; his shows became a "buzz" all over the city, bringing people back again and again!

In the early 1990's, Rich headed out to the world-famous Magic Castle® in Hollywood, where he quickly became the featured performer for VIP's there as well. The response to his act was overwhelming! Even in that special place, Rich once again managed to avoid the ordinary. To this day, the Castle continues to turn to Rich to help with their "VIP" clients, making sure they're given the special treatment they deserve.

One of Rich's favorite ways to “avoid the ordinary" is showing his audiences that they're capable of doing amazing things as well. Rich frequently "turns the spotlights around" in his shows, helping his audience silence that "you-can't-do-it" mindset to achieve things they never thought possible!  

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